Thoughts on Jesus standing for PM

5 May 2010

Jesus would never have won this beauty contest masquerading as a general election.

The only opinion poll he faced ended with the electorate crying ‘Barabbas’. 

The media would have focussed on his ‘dubious relationships’, questioning his sexuality, his friendship with sanctuary seekers (‘bogus asylum seekers’ to certain newspaper editors), his willingness to call a spade a spade no matter who was listening and how far the so called ‘gaffe’ would spread.  
Rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s would have upset those millionaires who avoid paying taxes.  

He wouldn’t have scrubbed up well for a TV debate, not a spin doctor would be in sight and his policies would not have been devised to tempt the viewers to believe that they themselves would govern because their views were more important than the wisdom and insight of a real leader. 

His words about casting the first stone would have fallen on deaf ears and those whom the media choose to elevate will be the next scapegoat.

So why do I bother with Jesus?

I bother because I believe that the justice of God is more important than being popular with the people.

I bother because I believe that the equality of the races, genders and those with different sexualities to my own are even more important than fairness, even more than meritocracy and hereditary privilege.

I bother because I believe that in the Kingdom of God no one has special place; that all, whoever they are, wherever they are from ,whatever their standing in society, are welcome at the banquet.

I bother because I believe that as well as rights we have responsibilities.

I bother because I believe that a society is judged by it’s care of the weak and vulnerable, the very young and the very old, the sick and the frail, the stranger in our midst.

None of this is new, it’s just that we occasionally forget that it’s true and we need to be reminded of it once in a while.


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