Fenced in

16 May 2010

Fenced In, Hestercombe Gardens, Taunton
Fenced In, Hestercombe Gardens, Taunton

So much of our captivity is of our own making. 

Like those who in ancient times sold themselves into slavery to pay off their debts so we give up our values and compromise our principles for a so called peaceful life or for a life of power and influence.

Liberation can only be ours when we say no to short term gain and yes to long term sacrifice.

The wire cutters are in our hands……once used the fence is broken and the way ahead clear.
God of purpose and peace,
whose desire is that all should live in liberty,
shield us from that which would hold us captive
and free us from those things that damage our sense of well being:
the marketing that leads us to think we are incomplete until we buy the product,
the media that seeks to control our perspectives and opinions,
the technologies that take up our time,
the tensions that limit our potential.
In freedom we shall walk, dance and sing to our heart’s content.

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