Longrun Meadow, Taunton

Longrun Meadow, Taunton

For the one in tune with the Creator Presence,
reality is filled with mystery and even awe. 
The reality of life is complex and issues intertwine. 
But running through each thread that would otherwise destroy us
 is a life-giving peace that makes us stop and ponder the One
who is not only with us in that moment but before us and beyond us. 
Every event, person, place,
then becomes deeply meaningful to us
as the eternal is within the temporal and the infinite in the finite.
Creator Presence,
present in my creativity and connectivity,
with me in reality and mystery,
in considerations and conversations,
in relating and re-awakening,
deepen that which is within me
so that my capacity to love
and confidence in giving
are increased
so light shines and life is full.
Beth Shalom

Beth Shalom


Bright red tulips stand out on this page almost as much as they do at Beth Shalom. 

Amongst the memorial gardens of pruned rose bushes, bronze and stone statues, mountain of pebbles – one each for the 1.25 million children that perished and after ten years the mountain still only measures 250,000 – there is the bed of blood-red tulips for the flesh destroyed and breath snuffed out in war.

Through grace forgive our indifference, dispel our prejudice and overcome our hatred, we who have contributed to the broken relationships, shattered communities and fractured world.

Woodland Walk

13 April 2011


Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk

Dry, darkened leaves broken down by rays of light

Browned branches opening up with shoots of life

Walkers’ way extending and bonding

Bursting senses not fit for holding

Newness and renewal

Crackling heath and captured breath

A vision of venture and memory’s treasure.


For colour, clear skies

and baited breath in beauty’s presence

Thank you Creator God