The Cross in the Path

The Cross in the Path


(Apologies for the missing weeks – I have been away)

Here and now is all I can cope with.

What may happen next is anyone’s guess.

How it will all turn out is too much to consider.

Anxiety takes over my body as well as my mind.

So I focus on the here and now.

This is all I can cope with,

nothing more;

the ground beneath my feet.

that which I touch and see and smell.


Fix the mind.

Avoid straying into what might be, and what might not.

It’s too much.

So I stay on the here and now.

God of the present,

we pray for those for whom an uncertain future fills them with dread,

a coming appointment that will change their life for good or ill,

an encounter that will make or break,

a realisation that has been put off for so long.

Grant that they may step into their uncertainty

with alert and empathetic companions

who will not deny the existence of their predicament .


Elizabethan Gatehouse Door

Elizabethan Gatehouse Door

They’re alike – they are the same age, they look alike, they dress the same.

They jump on me the moment I go in.

‘My name’s Maud.’

‘My name’s Dot.’

My name’s ‘Lost.’

It may as well be.

‘Have you come to live round here?’

‘Where’re you from?’

It doesn’t matter where I’m from.

It may as well be nowhere.

‘Can I get you a tea or coffee?’

‘Or perhaps you’d prefer a squash.’

That’s a statement; or is it a question?

‘Have a biscuit.’

‘Have a seat.’

I want to pray.

‘Have a notice sheet.’

‘Have a magazine.’

Just pray.

God of stillness,

who in Christ calms the storm,

we remember those who just want to be,

to pray and to be in your presence.

May we not be for them the added wind that rocks their being,

yet provide the place and time for emptying and filling.