17 July 2013

A woodland walk - Swanholme

A woodland Walk – Swanholme

God is with us,
God is with each of us.
Let us open our hearts
To receive the love of Christ.
Let us offer our devotion and praise
That we may be filled with the Spirit

God of absence and presence,
Mystery beyond our imagining,
In the cloud and in the clarity of vision,
In the desert and the garden,
We worship you,
For you have sparked life into being
and we are conscious of existence.

Holy, holy, holy, God of gentleness and majesty;
Earth and heaven declares your beauty.
The glory is yours for you are above and beyond, behind and before.

In salvation you have come to our house and the houses of all who welcome you.

You spoke through the prophets of old and you speak through the visionaries of today.
Open our ears to hear the voices that urge us to be different.
You touched our lives even before our memories were formed
Open our minds to grasp something of your immensity.
You acted in the lives of those who loved us and who are no longer at our side
Open our eyes to those to those we may yet love.

We remember the Jesus who noticed a woman who touched his cloak
We remember the Jesus who heard a father’s cry
We remember the Jesus who spotted a man in a tree
We remember the Jesus who lived out the message of his stories.
We remember the Jesus who ate and drank with saints and sinners alike, the influential and the humble, the privileged and poor; who washed dusty feet and entered the places of danger and the tombs of death.

This Jesus who in his last meal promised that in bread and wine his body and blood were present.

Spirit of God,
descend and dwell in the bread and wine
that they may become for us the body and blood of Jesus, our saviour and companion.

And transform each of us O God that we may be the disciples you would have us be.

In the world of work and the times of leisure,
In the encounters and the conversations,
In the times of challenge and change
May we be assured of your presence even if you seem to be absent.

The bread is broken
That we may be whole

The cup is shared
That we may be one.


The Lord’s Prayer

The elements are distributed

In faith we met around this table.
With peace we shall go.
In love we were invited
With purpose we shall serve.
In hope we live
And we shall not be disappointed. Amen