A little thought on respect

8 June 2015

None of us can put ourselves into the mind of another, neither blood relatives nor those with whom we have lived and shared common events.

We cannot really imagine what it is like to experience something we ourselves have not experienced; yes we may have had a similar experience of loss and sadness, perhaps the death of someone whom we have together cherished and loved but each of us will have faced the grief in a way that is solely our own.

So it is that we should not judge another’s reactions and response. We must accept that every event is personal to the one who experiences it.

Our experiences and our memories are ours alone. Each of us have had highs and lows, times of great laughter and times of endless tears; we carry them through the years, the anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions.

Respect is the key to empathy, a respect that is open to appreciating difference.


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