Adventurous God,

limitless in possibility and infinite in promise,

You dare your people to stride toward unknown destinations

and to encounter unforeseen challenges;

help us to not shy from the seemingly absurd tasks that bring about renewal and healing,

so that your creative Presence be known in our lives, communities and world.


Don’t lose hope

6 August 2016

The world has been spinning out of control for some time now. Slowly at first but with ever increasing momentum.

The unleashed hatred and unrestrained violence, the lies that are told without remorse, the truths that are dismissed, the randomness of political popularity and the pure selfishness of so many, all have their precedents in history.

Unless we learn from the past, and check the present course, it doesn’t bode well for the future. But all things are possible; so I do not lose hope in the inherent goodness of those who have the required understanding and vision to bring us through this chaotic uncertainty.