A Statement on the Westminster Terror Attack

23 March 2017


From The Chair of the Lincolnshire Methodist District


For the bereaved, injured and traumatised the world is now a very different place; our prayers go out to them.

Images from the tragic events on Westminster Bridge and in the grounds of the Palace of Westminster have seared themselves into all our memories.

As Christians, in our little corner of God’s world, we have a duty to respond as Christ would expect. Only love can defeat hate, only truth can overcome lies and only dialogue can inform the ignorance. We have to ensure that our hopes and dreams are not retained in the secrets of our prayers but fulfilled in our words and actions. It is for a time such as this that we are placed on this good Earth, to build bridges and make friends with people who express their faith in ways different to those that we were taught.

It is not true that Islam is satanic nor is it true that there is a Jewish conspiracy in our world; it is not true that God’s children are condemned to live and die in fear of each other, but are born to explore the complexity of diversity so that each might discover afresh the richness and mystery of our creator.

Having spoken and preached a number of times recently on an encounter Jesus had in Sychar, I am reminded that Jesus placed himself at a well where others found refreshment, notably a woman of a faith different to his own. The message is clear, we too, following his example, are to journey physically and spiritually to encounter those who might not necessarily journey toward us.

We must not let the extremists, whether they be religiously or politically motivated, undermine the values that make for a holistic society. All who seek the common good need to join hands and face this universal threat; in doing so we will never be defeated, Love will always win.


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