A statement on the terrorist attack in Manchester

23 May 2017


Only those with evil minds and cruel intent would not condemn unreservedly the abhorrent attack in Manchester last night.

This is not a time for either platitudes or hate-filled rhetoric and posts, it is a time for silence and grief; it is a time for action for actions speak louder than words.

There will also be a time for judgment. While the Christian Gospel speaks of loving our enemies and praying for those who persecute us, it also speaks of judgment, in this regard there is special mention of those that bring harm to little ones. So there will come a time for those behind the outrage to be brought to justice.

I know of no person of truth faith who would not condemn the taking of innocent life. There will be those who will seek to divide us further by nurturing the understandable anger that we feel. We must not let them. Their prejudice fuels the terrorist and the terrorist fuels their hatred.

We must channel our energies into extending a hand of friendship to the stranger in our midst, to build better relations across the communities.

We have been heartened by the stories of people opening up homes to the stranded overnight, of taxi drivers (no doubt of all faiths) ferrying people away from the scene free of charge. There will be countless stories that may never be told, of heroism and compassion.

May our story be one of openness to difference of culture and creed, may our story be of humility and grace.


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