A Statement on the London Terrorist Attack

5 June 2017

The second terrorist attack in the UK in less than a fortnight is a deeply painful reminder of the challenge we are facing.

It is clear that our priority as a British society is to build bridges across the communities. We cannot allow the prejudices within every heart, including our own, to continue unchecked, for to do so would give them permission to be expressed in destructive ways.

This is not a battle to be waged by others, it is one to which each and every one of us must be committed. Criticising the other is no way to peace; being closed off to the different is no way to harmony; failing to admit our own shortcomings is no way to unity.

Today we mourn the loss of life in London. We pray for the victims, their loved ones and the emergency services. Tomorrow we may mourn the death at the hands of terrorists in another city. Evil is stalking not only these islands but the world. Good will always overcome evil but the victory comes at a cost, often a very great cost. The sacrifice has to be made by each of us through the manner in which we think, speak and act.

May God give us the humility and the strength to reserve our judgment for ourselves and not others, so that through honesty and a willingness to strive for peace we may be part of the campaign to defeat the extremists that exist in every community.


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