A Comment on the outcome of the General Election

11 June 2017

One of the challenges we must face is that no one actually won this election.

There was no clear winner and this leaves the country in a form of limbo.

It will be extremely difficult to push legislation through at a time when a clear consensus is required but we simply don’t have it.

And it is of little use saying we need a second election, or even a second referendum, because the division in the UK is deep and clear; until there is a proper debate with the arguments played out before the electorate we will just keep getting slim majorities or hung parliaments.

This is because we are currently spilt right down the middle on almost everything; from Brexit to immigration, from the NHS to taxation, from Trident to terrorism.

What I do think is that the much of the electorate punished those who failed to engage in that debate; from the Prime Minister refusing to appear with the leaders of other parties to local candidates that refused to attend hustings. Such a dereliction of duty to those they wish to serve is foolish at best and perhaps arrogant at worse. The democratic process deserves better. There is a part of me that is pleased that they paid the price for such disrespect.

However the fact remains that the political leadership of both major parties failed to convince the electorate that they are worthy of our trust, otherwise there would have been a clear winner.

Personally I think it will be interesting to reflect on any future analysis of how people voted.

My guess is that many preferred to vote against a party rather than vote for the candidate they chose to place their cross next to on the ballot paper.

That is a terrible indictment of those that seek to represent and lead the people.

On the issues that affect us I think the Government has not taken seriously enough the inequalities in our island nations and are storing up resentment in many quarters.

But the other major party has failed to deal with the far left in their wings, and the antisemitism that has gone unchecked is fuelling hostility and hatred in many communities.


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