Auschwitz web

21 September 2017



Such a thing of fragility to beatify

when spied upon in dampened, sunlit sky.

True….a jewel hidden for most from view,

but the briefest glimpse it shows,

to those who dare themselves to know,

a web and cornered frailty,

vulnerability in sharpened wind

and the cruellest of human whim.


Pulsing, intermittent breeze,


Then stilled

at any sudden moment,

abandoned of all sentiment.


How many will pass by

this travesty of human design?

How many? We cannot say.

Except in later days

some may pause

and take a gaze,

claim it as a sign

of stifled cries

or muffled pain,

and let out their practised sigh.


Before the tears fall to sodden earth,

and dew drops cling for all their worth,

see silent stream of solemn stripes

and hear forbidden birdsong sing,

to parting coach and comforts yearning.