A little reflection on the time that is left

9 November 2018



I am now in my 60th year. It is a truism to state that there is less time ahead for me than is behind me. Of course no one quite knows how much time there is left ahead for them whatever their age. How could my father have known it was his last day on earth when he rose one Friday morning in February 1959? At just 23 he completed what would be his final day at work, enjoyed an evening out with his young, pregnant wife and their friends but by midnight there was no more time ahead for him.

So it is that on a day such as this, when the crispness of autumn is felt on my cheeks and I smell the wet fallen leaves on my woodland walk, I take a big, deep breath. It’s a breath that desires to soak in the moment; it also indicates that I still want so much more time; but I know in my heart that I have no idea how much more there will be for me. I can only hope that my health holds up as long as possible and that no unforeseen accident comes my way so I might yet experience, contribute and achieve more. But under the kind of bright, blue sky, with a few fluffy white clouds only a child could paint, I breathe in deep, soak in the moment and give thanks.


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