Populism and our Moral Imperative

7 July 2019

When Boris Johnson is elected leader of the Conservative Party, as looks increasingly likely despite the scandals, racism, misogyny and downright stupidity, the populist revolution will take another significant step towards completion. To have a far right Prime Minister facing a far left Leader of the Opposition at the dispatch box, backed by those who are even further extreme on their respective political spectra, will be an indictment of the state of British politics.

The UK is not only reflecting the populist trends of other nations across Europe and around the world but is part of the leading charge. I would liken this crisis that is fueled by a lack of belief in democracy and lack of trust in informed authority, to that of the collapse of the Weimar Republic. That event of course led to a catastrophe in Germany and the resultant consequences for the rest of Europe. The similarities are just too great in number to ignore. Today again so many are blindly walking towards a dark outcome thinking it to be a new and hope-filled dawn; it is not, as before the nightmare will be real, long and utterly destructive.

This present crisis in trust calls upon honest, caring, compassionate people of all political ideologies and religious faiths to seek one another out and join together in countering this rising tide of populism. Having courage in the face of hostility and being prepared to sacrifice oneself in this just cause is a moral obligation; we shirk such responsibilities at our peril.

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