(After 1 Cor.13)

 I fall in with the crowd, I go with the flow, laughing when they laugh, spending when they spend and even shouting ‘Hallelujah’ when they do, but so often overlook Hope within and end up feeling empty.

My confidence and breadth of understanding enables me to enter all sorts of conversations, at different levels, with people from many walks of life.  My knowledge of the facts and statistical research help form my opinions to the extent that I can even claim some insight into how things will work out.  But if I overlook Hope within I am without true purpose.

If charitable appeals touch my heart, images of cyclone stricken wastelands, of emaciated infants suckling empty breasts or of tender voices uttering descriptions of despicable atrocities and I reach for my credit card but overlook Hope within I accomplish little.

Hope is resilient, it always hangs on, it will not let go.  Hope will wait; patiently wait until the time is right.  It will neither force itself to the fore, nor hide in deeper obscurity when sought after.  Hope will never be beaten by despair; it will be a light in the longest, darkest of nights, it will be an oasis of replenishment when the mouth is dry and it will calm the soul when the spreading shadows appear.  It will take on all comers; never will it flinch in the face of the bully.

Hope is eternal.  All sorts of stuff get lost along the way.  After a while even those things we thought would be of benefit turn out to be useless.  We fill our minds with garbage, our homes with clutter, our lives with meaningless relationships and none of them truly satisfy us.  We kid ourselves that this will not be so, the media convinces us, marketing cons us and it may take time to realize it, but then the day dawns, or more truthfully the night falls. 

There was a time when our dreams were well within reach of being fulfilled.  All things were possible, even the world’s crises were not impossible to overcome, but the years can diminish our vision and bury Hope to such a depth that it’s hard to find.  But it’s there, make no mistake, it’s there, holding on.

So there comes moment when we will know.  There will be a time when we will have nowhere else to go.  Having tossed and turned, the bedclothes ridden with the sweat of anxiety, searching within ourselves, Hope will rise to meet us on the way down, holding us and lifting us until we are alive again.

So faith, hope and love abide, these three; and for the soul who has known even fear of the familiar, the greatest is Hope within.

One Response to “An affirmation of hope”

  1. Trudi Mann said

    Very thought-provoking – TM

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