Autumn Journey

28 January 2010

Autumn Journey

The autumn of life is vibrant and colourful but it is also a time of risk and vulnerability.

 The leaves will soon fall

and the darkness set in.

 There are alternative paths to choose from.

One leads to the ultimate destination.

The black tree to the left symbolises death,

it can come upon us at any point.

The dark trees to the right

are those who will leave us along the way.

The light trees in the distance

are those who have already gone before us, they are in the darkness of death

but are also bathed in light.


God of the autumn,

You walk with us in Spirit,

understanding our desire

to make a joyful moment last

and to hasten through the terrain of torment.

Equip us for the journey ahead,

comfort us in loss,

and ennoble us in the face of death.

Then at the last

join us with those whom we have loved

and who have loved us.

The Three Trees

24 January 2010


The trees become the crosses of crucifixion.  The central tree representing the Christ has the most light shining on it.  The one to the left with somewhat less light represents the one who reprimands the unrepentant thief ie the one to the right which is the darkest.  However some light still falls on the third tree.  Beyond them are the light and colours of paradise.
In the agony of darkness, light breaks through.
In the pain of desolation, hope is found.
In death itself, life awaits.

Living God, you are within and beyond this life
   and the death that awaits us,
give us an awareness of your presence
  that we may hold on to the hope we find
   in the companioning, suffering,
   dying and resurrecting Christ.