(After 1 John 4)

Dear Friends,

Let us find Hope in one another, for Hope is Divine Within.  To be Hope-full is to know true fullness, but to be without Hope is to be lost and afraid, for Hope is eternal peace and light. 

Hope is expressed in those who live with integrity and to seek integrity enables Hope to rise from within. 

Hope believes in us and believes in our being able to overcome all adversity through a sense of Hope-fullness.

As Hope believes in us then we should believe that others too can achieve great things. 

To have Hope in one another binds us together in a wholly new and dynamic way. 

Hope is the Divine Within and those who nurture Hope in themselves and in others develop a bond with the Divine. 

Hope is present and come the day of trauma, the day of grief, the day when all else seems lost, Hope remains and will sustain us, pointing beyond the present.

To have Hope is to glimpse eternal joy but to be without Hope is to find that fear is very real.

When others have Hope in us we can draw on their affirmation and in turn find and nurture Hope in others. 

If we want Hope for ourselves yet deny others a sense of Hope-fullness then we cannot possibly be fulfilled and all will be a sham.

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