(after Matthew 5.3-12)

Hope-full are those who are in darkness

            for light is within them.

Hope-full are those who have lost

            for they shall gain something new.

Hope-full are the inarticulate

            for they will be understood.

Hope-full are those who long for better days

            for they have arrived in a place where God dwells.

Hope-full are those who companion the distressed

            for they shall not be overwhelmed.

Hope-full are those whose intentions are good

            for they are partnering God.

Hope-full are those who bring the anxious to rest

            for theirs is a crucial role.

Hope-full are the misunderstood and marginalised

            for they are not alone.

Hope- full are you when people deliberately bring you down, getting a kick from your despair simply because you refuse to appreciate that you are doing God’s will.  Never forget that you stand in a long line of people who have expressed Hope in troubled times.


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