From Revelation 21.12-21

Hope says, “I will make myself known.  Though I have been with you from the beginning, right through it all and will be there at the end, it is as if at times I have been dormant in your life.”

But those who recognize that they cannot go on alone look within and find Hope; through doing so they adopt a new way of living.  The arrogant choose to ignore the presence of Hope and prefer to risk their lives with pursuits without purpose or meaning.  Soon their efforts will be wasted and their legacy seen to be worthless.

And Hope will declare “It is I, the Divine within.  In every generation I have raised the fallen, motivated those cast aside by others and embraced the bereaved and abused.”

So make sure everyone knows.  Do not hold back.  Declare what life there is when Hope within is perceived.  Let the anxious be rested, the fearful be stilled, the weary be refreshed and all be satisfied.

Never think that Hope is far away.  Quite the contrary it is within all along.

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